Master List

  1. Surf
  2. Sing in perfect harmony
  3. Be a wedding planner
  4. Be a wedding dress designer
  5. Be a rock star
  6. Have a cute relationship
  7. Have red hair
  8. Have the ‘perfect’ face
  9. Be more outgoing
  10. Have a money tree
  11. Be a make-up artist
  12. Live underwater
  13. Play the keyboard
  14. Play the guitar
  15. Fly
  16. Conquer my fear
  17. Be famous
  18. Explore the world
  19. Have naturally curly hair
  20. Find a cure for cancer
  21. Breathe underwater
  22. Do more than one type of braid
  23. Meet Selena Gomez
  24. Always be safe
  25. Be rich
  26. Look like Taylor Swift
  27. Have Miley Cyrus’ hair
  28. Read sheet music
  29. Stop over thinking everything
  30. Grow old with you
  31. Be with you right now
  32. Find someone who will love me for me
  33. Skateboard
  34. See beauty in everything
  35. Stay strong
  36. Be happy without him
  37. Have naturally straight hair
  38. Play the violin
  39. Publish a book
  40. Dance
  41. Be more fashionable
  42. Be a photographer
  43. Afford college
  44. Make someone my older brother
  45. Listen to my own advice
  46. Save the world
  47. Break dance
  48. Steal that kiss from him
  49. Be skinnier
  50. Eat anything without gaining weight
  51. Tell her how I truly feel
  52. Tell him how I truly feel
  53. Be truly happy
  54. Change someone’s life through my teaching
  55. Be a model
  56. Live somewhere else
  57. Run away with you
  58. Have the courage to tell him everything
  59. Stop cutting
  60. Own a donut shop
  61. Sing really well
  62. Hold your hand
  63. Hug you forever
  64. Read minds
  65. Go to Narnia
  66. Travel to London
  67. Make it snow
  68. Always be with you
  69. Travel to Paris
  70. Never let you go
  71. Live forever
  72. Meet Johnny Depp
  73. Be forever young
  74. Live in the Wonka factory
  75. Find my soul mate
  76. Control time
  77. Meet Justin Bieber
  78. Stop letting bullies get me down
  79. Experience true love
  80. Meet Taylor Swift
  81. Go back in time
  82. Live in a mansion
  83. Own a coffee shop
  84. Work at starbucks
  85. Freeze time
  86. Visit and relive my childhood
  87. Never make mistakes
  88. Go to outer space
  89. Overcome my learning disability
  90. Pass math with an A
  91. Bring back my friend
  92. Have a walk-in closet
  93. Have my birthday everyday
  94. Own an ice cream parlor
  95. Love without getting hurt
  96. Speak every language fluently
  97. Have been on the Titanic
  98. Keep my friends safe
  99. Know my father, the other half of me
  100. Change how my family split
  101. Write a song to proclaim my love for him
  102. Sparkle in the sunlight
  103. Show them how much they mean to me
  104. Spend every day and night next to him
  105. Be back in Texas with her
  106. Erase the hurt
  107. Have just one more night with him
  108. See the beauty in myself
  109. Be a cartoon
  110. Understand the world
  111. Open my heart up to all
  112. Close my eyes and disappear
  113. Stay in bed all day
  114. Marry Tate Langdon
  115. Get over my depression
  116. Help my friend stop cutting
  117. Know if he loves me back
  118. Own a bookstore
  119. Get a tattoo
  120. Kiss him in the rain
  121. Watch the stars with you
  122. Have all the answers
  123. Make sure she’d never cry again
  124. Make him love me like he loves her
  125. Tell truth from lies
  126. Have long hair
  127. Bring him back to me
  128. Be better at soccer
  129. Make it storm
  130. Repair broken hearts
  131. Have an acne free face
  132. Have my first kiss already
  133. Be closer to my sister
  134. Show him how he hurts me
  135. Stop myself from crying all the time
  136. Change hate to love
  137. Make my mom understand me
  138. Be just friends with him, nothing more and nothing less
  139. Talk to animals
  140. Pretend I don’t love him
  141. Meet Jesse McCartney
  142. Kiss him underneath the mistletoe
  143. Let him know how much I miss him
  144. Stop being jealous
  145. Run away from the world
  146. Live like a love story
  147. Make my niece proud of me
  148. Bring my father back
  149. Be with you… but I can’t
  150. Live closer to my sisters
  151. Understand why he didn’t want to like me
  152. Ignore what my parents say
  153. Tell my friends my darkest secret
  154. Make our timing right
  155. Be someone’s stylist
  156. Have a baby
  157. Meet the Jonas Brothers
  158. Meet Demi Lovato
  159. Meet the Twilight cast
  160. Meet One Direction
  161. Meet Miley Cyrus
  162. Meet Taylor Lautner
  163. Have an older brother
  164. Marry my bestfriend
  165. Have the lead in a musical
  166. Know if he ever felt the same way
  167. Tell him everything before he graduates
  168. Adopt a child from Africa
  169. Have optional school days
  170. Figure out my feelings
  171. Write a book
  172. Like sports as much as my dad wants me to
  173. Marry you
  174. Meet Drake Bell
  175. Bring my grandmother back
  176. Meet the nurses who saved my life
  177. Meet Ariana Grande
  178. Be on Broadway
  179. Figure out what he’s thinking
  180. Find someone who I trust enough to let in
  181. Meet Big Time Rush
  182. Understand football
  183. Meet the 2nd generation skins cast
  184. Be with you forever
  185. Have gotten to know him before he died
  186. Gain weight
  187. Own a candy shop
  188. Be with her
  189. Meet Bruno Mars
  190. Make him stop worrying about losing me, he never will
  191. Go to Disney World
  192. Work at Disney World
  193. Have made the right decisions
  194. Meet Brendon Urie
  195. Meet the ICONic Boyz
  196. Share a stage with Lauren Lopez
  197. Be what they want me to be
  198. Meet the cast of the Vampire Diaries
  199. Escape reality
  200. Kiss Louis Tomlinson in the rain
  201. Meet Christina Aguilera
  202. Meet the used
  203. Have an unlimited amount of pizza
  204. Marry Niall Horan
  205. Play football like Steven Gerrard
  206. Live my life like a movie
  207. Have more faith in myself
  208. Understand boys
  209. Show him how much I love him
  210. Stop worrying about losing him
  211. Be with my best friend forever
  212. Have my best friend here with me
  213. Have world inside my head become reality
  214. Stop cyber bullying
  215. Understand divorce
  216. Meet all the people I look up to
  217. Bring Ryan Dunn back
  218. Be his idea of perfect
  219. Meet Ian Somerhalder
  220. Be as strong as I used to be
  221. Stop him from flirting with so many girls
  222. Start all over
  223. Give everyone a hug
  224. Be his first choice
  225. Be myself with you
  226. Go to Italy
  227. Sing
  228. Meet Oliver and James Phelps
  229. Get over him
  230. Meet Nick Mara
  231. Marry One Direction
  232. Have the perfect figure
  233. Be pretty
  234. Be an amazing dancer
  235. Stop being scared
  236. Stop letting people down
  237. Be healthy
  238. Let go
  239. Make sure good always wins
  240. Spend a day with Hedley
  241. Stop accidents from happening
  242. Love the dork that he is
  243. Stop hurting him
  244. Say the things I really mean
  245. Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley
  246. Meet my grandfather
  247. Tell My Chemical Romance what they mean to me
  248. Have Morgan Freeman narrate my life
  249. Ask someone for help
  250. Meet Oliver Sykes
  251. Make someone’s day, everyday
  252. Stop him from feeling bad about himself
  253. Be his world
  254. Have more confidence
  255. Meet Eminem
  256. Have a better relationship with my brother
  257. Tell him I love him
  258. Start over with him
  259. Say the right things
  260. Say the things I post on tumblr
  261. Be an amazing song writer like Taylor Swift
  262. Be less awkward and more myself around people
  263. Become a singer
  264. Hug Harry Styles and never let him go
  265. Tell my best friend how much I miss her
  266. Be less boy crazy
  267. Be a sponsored athlete
  268. Compete in the Olympics
  269. Have Zayn Malik only, for one night
  270. Know that he’ll never leave
  271. Hug every memeber of All Time Low
  272. Marry John O’Callaghan
  273. Take pictures with my eyes
  274. Meet the Maine
  275. Become an astronomer
  276. Have a warm, romantic Christmas date
  277. Have a book based on my life
  278. Have an actual secret admirer on Valentine’s Day
  279. Meet Robert Pattinson
  280. Go to the Thunder Over Louisville
  281. Marry Darren Criss
  282. Send postcards to Heaven
  283. Meet Vincent Castronovo
  284. Understand why guys don’t show emotion easily
  285. Be brave enough to be me
  286. Get over my stage fright
  287. Be stronger
  288. Forget about him
  289. Tell Mariska Hargitay how much better she’s made my life
  290. See why you left me for her
  291. Meet Woe, Is Me
  292. Have beautiful dreams every night
  293. Meet the cast of American Horror Story
  294. Hug Synyster Gates
  295. Erase the scars from my arms
  296. Wake up next to him every morning
  297. Sleep under the stars with him
  298. Meet Tom Felton
  299. Marry Carlisle Cullen
  300. Be the perfect daughter
  301. Build a fort with you
  302. Bring Jimmy “the Rev” Sullivan back
  303. Meet Avenged Sevenfold
  304. Be good enough
  305. Be a sister they were proud of
  306. Eat and not feel bad about it
  307. Lay down beside you when the day is done, and wake up to your face against the morning sun
  308. Have a movie theater in my house
  309. Meet the cast of Glee
  310. Go to Alaska with him
  311. Get over his past
  312. Meet Christofer Drew Ingle
  313. Be Nathan Sykes girlfriend
  314. Meet Billie Joe
  315. Tell Danielle Peazer how lucky she is
  316. Meet Paramore
  317. Stop my parents from fighting
  318. Meet 30 Seconds to Mars
  319. Dance with Austin Thornton
  320. Go on a road trip
  321. Sail the seven seas
  322. Be closer with my cousins
  323. Wear a bikini
  324. Kiss him on New Years
  325. Still be my daddy’s little girl
  326. Be in a music video
  327. Be happy for him and his girlfriend
  328. Be a pro female snowboarder
  329. Figure out love
  330. Meet Anthony Kiedis and Flea
  331. Meet Joe Anderson
  332. Meet Green Day
  333. Meet Rise Against
  334. Make him notice me
  335. Be the one he calls his own
  336. Meet Lady Gaga
  337. Stop thinking about suicide
  338. Meet Scotty McCreery
  339. Make One Direction laugh really hard
  340. Handle my life
  341. Marry Josh Groban
  342. Meet Drake
  343. Tell my ex that what he went back to just wasn’t as good as me
  344. Bring Marco Simoncelli back
  345. Hug Dougie Poynter
  346. Bring the Jonas Brothers back together
  347. Hang out with Pierce the Veil
  348. Touch the stars
  349. Play in the snow
  350. Have a big Christmas
  351. Have him back in my arms
  352. Keep a journal
  353. Have a flower garden
  354. Have rainbow hair
  355. Be a ginger
  356. Meet Morgan Freeman
  357. Trust him completely
  358. Keep my room clean
  359. Make people happy
  360. Travel to the moon and back to prove how much I love you
  361. Be flexible
  362. Have a golden ticket
  363. Learn from my mistakes
  364. Tell Niall Horan how beautiful he is
  365. Dance like Shakira
  366. Be a mermaid
  367. Ride a unicorn
  368. Quit school
  369. Be amazing at painting my nails
  370. Swim in the ocean at midnight with him
  371. Have a secret swimming hole
  372. Cuddle with him instead of my pillow
  373. Move to Korea
  374. Thank One Direction for making me smile when all I wanted to do was cry
  375. Be on Glee
  376. Put pictures all over my walls
  377. Own a tie-dye shirt
  378. Have a British accent
  379. Tell him how I feel, and not be afraid of the possible rejection
  380. Sing a song to someone and make them fall in love with me
  381. Fall in love with my best friend
  382. Be stronger for my little sister
  383. Live closer to everyone I love
  384. Stop people from hating on Justin and Selena
  385. Meet the Backstreet Boys
  386. Be a professional volleyball player
  387. Stop people from judging me by the music I listen to
  388. Own a Taylor acoustic guitar
  389. Meet Keith Urban
  390. Meet Kristen Stewart
  391. Kiss him unexpectedly and him not push me away
  392. Be accepted for who I am
  393. Dance in the rain with you
  394. Sleep on a waterbed
  395. Be serenaded
  396. Have all my wishes come true
  397. Have a voice like Demi Lovato
  398. Have prevented the 9/11 terrorist attack
  399. Meet Brad Paisley
  400. Love and accept myself
  401. Go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert
  402. Stop people from judging my style
  403. Hug Tré Cool
  404. Tell him the song I wrote is about him
  405. Meet my online boyfriend
  406. Meet Gerard Way
  407. Have saved Jamey Rodemeyer
  408. Become an addiction counselor
  409. Have a collection on Nikes
  410. Go to Hogwarts
  411. Have Carrie Underwood’s legs
  412. Meet and work with Edgar Wright
  413. Meet My Chemical Romance
  414. Fall out of love with him
  415. Have saved Jamie Hubley
  416. Have seen P!ink’s funhouse live from Australia
  417. Overcome bulimia
  418. Meet Brian May
  419. Become a foster parent
  420. Show his ex how much she hurt him
  421. Meet Dave Grohl
  422. Have seen the Beatles live
  423. Have made World War II never happen
  424. Do crazy things with you
  425. Have a picture of me go around tumblr
  426. Be a Rockette
  427. Perform at Radio City
  428. Meet Ozzy Osbourne
  429. Look at the scars on my arms and be proud I made it through
  430. Watch the sunrise over the Atlantic and watch the sunset over the Pacific
  431. Spend a day with Harry Styles
  432. Tell my ex how I truly feel about him
  433. Pour my heart out to him
  434. Make a change in this world
  435. Help every single person that has an addiction
  436. Become emotionally stronger
  437. Compete in a rated A horse show
  438. Bring back Kurt Cobain
  439. Not be afraid to make new friends
  440. Move to New York
  441. Meet Kasabian
  442. Tell you I love you, and everything go right
  443. See Skrillex play live and meet him
  444. Meet McFly
  445. Meet Tim Tebow
  446. Be best friends with Darren Criss
  447. Move to Paris and create a new me
  448. Meet my best friend
  449. Cut my hair into a pixie cut and dye it blonde
  450. Experience what it’s like to be a boy
  451. Marry David Archuleta
  452. Finish a bottle of shampoo and conditioner at the same time
  453. Have met Freddie Mercury
  454. Meet my online friend
  455. Meet Jennifer Lopez
  456. Have a happy ending
  457. Let my ex go
  458. Stop having regret
  459. Meet Renee Yohe
  460. Have seen the Runaways perform
  461. Start over
  462. Have seen Def Leppard when Steve Clark was still alive
  463. Bring back Ben Breedlove
  464. Meet Logan Lerman
  465. Date Austin Gibbs
  466. Skip some feelings
  467. Not have to work
  468. Meet Zac Efron
  469. Feel beautiful for once
  470. Slow my mind and relax my heart so I could think
  471. Meet Mac Miller
  472. Have a closet full of Nike high tops
  473. Marry him
  474. Ice-skate
  475. Only be attracted to my future spouse
  476. Change the world for Jesus
  477. Meet Lecrae
  478. Stand up to my brother
  479. Meet Beyoncé
  480. Take back what I said
  481. Kiss Avril Lavigne’s cheek
  482. Own a chocolate factory
  483. Know what makes Chris Drew sad
  484. Meet Casting Crowns
  485. Meet Tenth Avenue North
  486. Go to Pittsburgh
  487. Go to a drive-in movie
  488. Own all the silly bandz created
  489. Be Adrienne Armstrong
  490. Hug Chris Drew
  491. Have met Patrick Swayze
  492. Stop being afraid of love
  493. Find out where my grandpa is buried
  494. Meet Robert Sheehan
  495. Go to a Beyoncé concert
  496. Stop myself from thinking about him so much
  497. Tell him that I don’t want to be just friends
  498. Have a twin sister
  499. Understand my family
  500. Go on tour with Green Day
  501. Have the best clothes
  502. Kiss him again
  503. Feel better
  504. Be the school’s queen
  505. Be the best
  506. Bring him back to my side
  507. Spend a day with One Direction
  508. Perform a sold out tour
  509. Dance like Zayn Mailk
  510. Party with All Time Low
  511. Travel the world in 80 days
  512. Get everything for free
  513. Have Perry the Platypus as a pet
  514. Have a summer like Phineas and Ferb
  515. Go to all the Disney Parks around the world
  516. Be a good money saver
  517. Go on vacation every summer
  518. Call someone my best friend knowing that they’d call me their’s back
  519. Be in a band
  520. Learn to say no when I know my “friends” are just using me
  521. Actually have some sort of talent
  522. Tie a bow in my hair
  523. Buy a lot of CD’s at the same time
  524. Have seen Nirvana live
  525. Visit my Dad in Heaven
  526. Meet Rupert Grint
  527. Be chosen to go up on stage at a Green Day concert
  528. Love without fear
  529. Stop the anxiety attacks
  530. Bring my old friends back
  531. Be older
  532. Figure out why nobody wants me
  533. Go to the moon
  534. Date one of the guys from The Maine
  535. Be the only one who wants him
  536. Meet Aqib Khan
  537. Go to the United Kingdom
  538. Not be afraid of change
  539. Meet All Time Low
  540. Be someone other than just “another fan”
  541. Travel to L.A.
  542. Tell Patrick Stump how much he means to me
  543. Be noticed by him
  544. Lose weight
  545. See Fall Out Boy come off hiatus
  546. Wear high heels all the time
  547. Tell my best friend how much she hurts me
  548. Make people smile when they’re sad
  549. Live at Disney
  550. Be one of the characters at Disney
  551. Stop world hunger
  552. Personally thank everyone who has hurt me, hated me, made me smile, or anything like that because they made me into the man I am today
  553. Make my sister proud
  554. Find the courage to tell him I don’t want him anymore
  555. See Panic! At The Disco come back together
  556. Tell John Frusciante how much I love him
  557. Be as awesome as flea
  558. Meet Benedict Cumberbatch
  559. Tell him how much he means to me and that he’s not “just a teenage crush”
  560. Make him fall in love with me again
  561. Graduate with the rest of my classmates
  562. Make sure my sister never feels sad
  563. Have saved him
  564. Go to Hawaii
  565. Live in Cinderella’s castle
  566. Travel the world with you
  567. Make my dad love me
  568. See the northern lights
  569. Tell my best friend how much she means to me
  570. Look at the stars with you
  571. Have a relationship like Bo Peep and Woody
  572. Make my mom proud
  573. Make her mine
  574. Walk on the clouds
  575. Meet Paul McCartney
  576. Not be afraid anymore
  577. Tell someone I feel their pain, and mean it
  578. Have the perfect answer to everything
  579. Not be so socially awkward
  580. See Adam Lambert perform with Queen
  581. Meet Adam Lambert
  582. Tell Ben Ferris and Michael Bohn how much they mean to me
  583. Meet Josh Ramsay
  584. Talkin funny accents with you
  585. Marry Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  586. Have a love story like Noah and Allie’s
  587. Send a message in a bottle
  588. Write an episode of Glee
  589. Meet Damian McGinty
  590. Tell my mom I go to alateen
  591. Have one more moment with my grandpa and tell him thank you and that I love him
  592. Have the guts to talk to a guy in my class
  593. Erase his scars
  594. Have met George Harrison
  595. Meet Jimmy Page
  596. Have saved John Lennon
  597. Actually check off everything on my bucket list, before I die
  598. Be Harry Styles’ girlfriend
  599. Have one more day with my baby brother
  600. Have died instead of him
  601. Hug and kiss Cody Simpson as he holds me and makes me feel safe
  602. Be Josh Hutcherson’s girlfriend
  603. Feel Justin Bieber’s hands in mine
  604. Travel to India
  605. Help him find his birth parents
  606. Have gone to a normal high school to see where I would fit in
  607. Put my feelings into words
  608. Tell you that I miss having you as a friend
  609. Have had one more moment with my grandma before she died
  610. Tell you how much you really mean to me
  611. Help him get over her
  612. Take away all of his pain
  613. Write a song with Paul McCartney
  614. Meet Foster the People
  615. Have met Brian Jones and stopped his death
  616. Meet Kendall Schmidt
  617. Get my parents to remarry
  618. Have married one of the Beatles
  619. Tie my actual hair in a bow
  620. See without glasses
  621. Have good fashion sense
  622. Watch The Lucky One with the one I love
  623. Go to a hot air balloon show
  624. Drink Arizona iced tea in the state of Arizona
  625. Have a candlelight breakfast
  626. Kiss you under fireworks
  627. Win a giant carnival prize for you
  628. Marry Zac Efron
  629. Meet Ashley Tisdale
  630. Give every person who is committing self harm a hug, tell them they’re beautiful, I believe in them and that they’re loved by both God and myself
  631. Lose weight for prom
  632. Have a family reunion
  633. Visit the CN tower with my best friend
  634. Keep my sister home from college
  635. See Christina Aguilera live
  636. Be in the Hunger Games
  637. Erase all the bad memories of you
  638. Teleport to be with him
  639. Figure him out
  640. Stop biting my nails
  641. Marry a band member someday
  642. Keep my friend safe from all her problems
  643. Tell my friends the truth about me not eating
  644. Dye part of my hair
  645. Look in the mirror without hating myself
  646. Find someone to fix my heart
  647. Tell Demi Lovato how much she inspires me
  648. Tell Demi how much she has helped me
  649. Tell my friend no matter what, she needs to stay strong because I love her
  650. Stop my self-harming problems
  651. Rewind and redo the last year of my life
  652. Be what he needed and wanted
  653. Be his dream girl
  654. Have Selena Gomez’s perfect body
  655. Spend the summer with my best friend
  656. Have perfect hair everyday
  657. Tell my friends the truth about why I was in the hospital
  658. Breakdown, just once, so everyone could see that this smile is fake
  659. Make sure I’m not holding my best friend back from her dreams
  660. Spend my whole summer vacation on the beach
  661. Rent a beach house for the whole summer
  662. Be Free
  663. Have a cute summer relationship
  664. Teach people to keep their opinions to themselves, unless they’re asked for
  665. Meet Pierce thr Veil
  666. Tell Ashley Tisdale how much she inspires me
  667. Kiss Anthony Kiedis
  668. Be friends with 60’s rock stars
  669. Own a time machine
  670. Marry Tom Hiddleston
  671. Feel Taylor Lautner’s soft lips on mine
  672. Not have to go to school
  673. Tell her I want to be more than just friends
  674. Stop running away from love
  675. Marry James Hetfield
  676. Get matching tattoos with my best friend
  677. Find true confidence within myself and feel beautiful
  678. Tell him how hard I’m falling and not be afraid of the aftermath
  679. Own as many dresses as Ariana Grande
  680. Stop my suicidal thoughts
  681. Stop hating every part of my body
  682. Marry Taylor Lautner
  683. Marry Harry Styles
  684. Go to the Eiffel Tower
  685. Go to a One Direction concert
  686. Stop being in love with my guy best friend, who has a girlfriend
  687. Find Atlantis the lost empire
  688. Get over my fear of water
  689. Learn how to fly an airplane
  690. Have Nicholas Sparks write a book for me
  691. Give my bedroom a new look
  692. Be called someone’s role model
  693. Hug Phil Lester
  694. Meet the whole cast of Castle
  695. Record my own album
  696. Be friends with stiles
  697. Go to the Mall of America
  698. Go to Niagara Falls
  699. Make out with Ronnie Radke
  700. Accept the fact that he’s not coming back
  701. Invent a new ice cream flavor
  702. Find out my great-grandfather’s lineage from France
  703. Meet Logan Henderson
  704. Find better friends
  705. Meet Nicholas Sparks
  706. Be okay again
  707. Find someone like the doctor
  708. Be Pattie Boyd
  709. Marry Liam Payne
  710. Have David Desrosiers teach me to play the bass guitar
  711. Tour with Simple Plan
  712. Find out why I’m always single
  713. Live like Blair Waldorf
  714. Stop rebounding
  715. Tell One Direction how much they mean to me
  716. Meet Olly Murs
  717. Live in Beverly Hills
  718. Find my dream boy and be loved by him as much as I will love him
  719. Snuggle with Charlie McDonnall
  720. Bring Drake and Josh back
  721. Finally be the child my parents dreamed about
  722. Have my first boyfriend
  723. High-five Christopher Walken
  724. Stop being so scared and show people how much I love dancing by doing a performance in public
  725. Meet Asking Alexandria
  726. Be friends with Dan Howell
  727. Stop my boyfriend from cheating
  728. Stop pushing people away
  729. Make people be more aware of Aspergers Syndrome
  730. Have lived in the 60’s
  731. Marry Kendall Schmidt
  732. Understand what I’m doing wrong
  733. Start a family with one of the guys from BTR
  734. Stop being nervous and just do it
  735. Go to Vidcon
  736. Meet Seth Meyers
  737. Stop getting mad at him for the little things
  738. Live closer to you
  739. Tell William and Kate how much they mean to me
  740. Hug Tom Milsom
  741. Get out of here
  742. Meet Megan and Liz
  743. Get my ex to love me again
  744. Work for To Write Love On Her Arms
  745. Be with PJ Liguori
  746. Destroy Cancer
  747. Know Thomas Muller personally
  748. Tell my best friend that I want her around and don’t want her to commit suicide
  749. Marry Matt Smith
  750. Get into Binghamton University
  751. Stand up to my parents
  752. Be as beautiful as Dianna Agron
  753. Be strong enough to say what’s really up my sleeve
  754. Meet someone and change their life
  755. Meet the cast of Full House
  756. Tell R5 how much they inspire me
  757. Not be so selfish
  758. Meet that twitter boy in person
  759. Be the worldwide girl at a BTR concert
  760. See a mermaid
  761. Marry Austin Carlile
  762. Travel the world with my best friend
  763. Believe without doubt
  764. Go live in England
  765. Learn how to fly
  766. Be best friends with R5
  767. Be a writer
  768. Pet Blake Anderson’s hair
  769. Cuddle with Zayn Malik
  770. Have a romantic date on the beach
  771. Laugh with Niall Horan
  772. Ask Nick Jonas to marry me with a Ring Pop
  773. Live fearless
  774. Fulfill my musical dream
  775. Promise to John O’Callghan that I’ll never cut, purge or starve myself ever again because of his music
  776. Attend the Olympics as an athlete
  777. Tell the Janoskians how much they mean to me and how they completely changed my life for the better
  778. Tell everyone the real reason why I’m moving to the other side of the country
  779. Have been a teenager in the 90’s
  780. Hug Travis Clark
  781. Get a perm
  782. Do a back handspring and a back tuck
  783. Be the head stylist at a Fashion Boutique
  784. Marry Carlos Pena
  785. Learn how to dance
  786. Just ask you what you think of me
  787. Find glow in the dark nail polish
  788. Stay in the perfect moment forever
  789. Have said what was on my mind
  790. Tell my sister she’s making a mistake
  791. Have someone who actually cares for me
  792. Get Demi Lovato to understand that she’s perfect and beautiful
  793. Spend the day with Justin Bieber and Avalanna
  794. Meet Tyler Hoechlin and tell him that he’s inspired me in so many ways
  795. Not let anyone hurt him
  796. Have a romantic date watching the stars
  797. Pause my life right now
  798. Live in autumn forever
  799. Relax for once
  800. Become an actress
  801. Never, ever lose my friends
  802. Have found Dan and Phil earlier
  803. Be short enough to wear heels
  804. Live my dreams
  805. Be best friends with Carrie Hope Fletcher
  806. Make my friends’ dreams come true
  807. Spenf my summer in the city
  808. Find happiness
  809. Make Christmas come faster
  810. Meet Jack and Finn
  811. Shop in New York City
  812. Spend a summer sailing with him
  813. Become a Victoria’s Secret Angel
  814. Thank One Direction in person, for saving my life and letting me finally be truly happy, I wish I could tell them exactly what they did for me… what their music did for me
  815. Feel something
  816. Have oatmeal with Christian Novelli
  817. Se my future with him
  818. Meet Andrew McMahon and thank him for saving my life
  819. Make people everywhere see how beautiful they truly are
  820. Spend the holidays with him
  821. Make people aware of Chronicle Fatigue Syndrome
  822. Marry Sam Evens from Glee
  823. Marry Tom Daley
  824. Rap with Hot Chelle Rae
  825. Meet Jessie J
  826. Not be made fun of for my different tastes
  827. See him
  828. Figure out why my parents hate me
  829. Throw an ugly Christmas sweater party
  830. Marry Jeremy Renner
  831. Meet Rocco the Great
  832. Tell Lady Gaga how much she means to me
  833. Meet All Time Low and tell them how much they mean to me
  834. Actually taste a Krabby Patty
  835. Automatically have an outfit in my closet when I like it on tumblr
  836. Get paid for rebloging things on tumblr
  837. Find my soul mate already
  838. Have a valentine next year
  839. Date a real country boy
  840. Please everyone
  841. Have Keith Lockhart hear me play my violin